Mission Statement:
To enhance the quality of life for our community by providing safe, healthy and fun recreation opportunities.
Office Information:
Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. The office is located at 900 S Marshall (in the PSB Building behind the power plant). The mailing address is 323 W Michigan Ave, Marshall 49068. Office phone is 269-781-5166. Fax is 269-789-4628. Weather Line is 269-558-0355. Website is Facebook is 
Recreation Department Staff:
Eric Zuzga - Director of Community Services
Justin Miller -  Recreation & Parks Superintendent
Drue Mullin -  Recreation Coordinator
Park, Recreation and Cemetery (PRC) Advisory Board:
This Board meets at 5:30 pm bi-monthly on Tuedays.  Tuesday of the month at the Marshall Recreation Department, February, April, June, August, October, December. The PRC Board members are:
Mitch Robbins
Margaret Oerther
Gerald Underhill
Sara Jeffery
Jim Coury
Norman Ostrum
Registration Deadlines:
To register for programs, the fee must be received by 5 pm on the registration deadline date.  Payments received after the deadline does not guarantee participation in the program.
On-Line Registration:
Is available to all, by going to and establishing an account.
Resident and Non-Resident Fees:
Residents are City of Marshall taxpayers or reside or own property within the City boundaries. Non-residents are welcome to participate, but are charged a higher program registration fee.
Residency Verification:
In order to take advantage of the resident program fees, proof of residency may be required (MI driver’s license or ID).
Concussion in Youth Sports/Activities:
In 2013, the State of Michigan passed a law regarding concussion in youth sports/activities. Public Acts 342 and 343 require that concussion information be made available to parents and youth athletes under 18 years. Only one signed form for all programs is needed for your child(ren) to be eligilbe to participate in Deparment programs.
Returned Checks:
A $40 fee is generated for any check returned for non-payment. The check amount and returned check fee must be paid in cash at Marshall City Hall Finance Dept, 323 W Michigan Ave, Marshall MI 49068.
Refunds, less a $3 cancellation fee and any pre-paid expenses, may be granted prior to the start date of a program. No refunds will be granted the day of or after the start of a program. Full refunds will be processed for any program cancelled by the Dept. Refunds for program fees made with a credit card must be refunded to the card used for the original purchase.
Youth Sports Team Player Requests:
Other than siblings on the same team, player requests will not be honored.
Youth Scholarships:
In an effort to encourage and enable all youth to participate in Dept programs, scholarships are offered. Program criteria: those under the age of 18 qualifying for the free/reduced school lunch program, meet the income guidelines and reside within the Marshall School District. (Complete information is available at the Dept Office.). Donations for this program are always greatly appreciated.
Participant Concerns:
Participants are encouraged to share concerns directly with the Recreation Dept Superintendent and Staff regarding operation of programs or facilities.
Volunteers Needed:
Individuals are always welcome to assist with Dept programming. Are you interested? Call us at 269/781-5166.
Criminal Background Check Policy:
The City’s Human Resources Dept will perform a criminal background check on all part-time staff and volunteers either semi-annually or as volunteers take on their specific roles. The focus of the check will be around criminal convictions involving minor children and/or other vulnerable populations. 16 years and older will be subject to a criminal background check.
Inclement Weather:
Parental Discretion
Parents and guardians are encouraged to use their own discretion whether to allow their child to participate under any questionable weather-related conditions. When in doubt, sit it out.
Indoor Facility Closures and Cancellations
·         Weekdays:  During the school year, if schools have been closed, all programs in schools are cancelled. If schools are dismissed early, all evening programs are cancelled. A cancellation notice will be placed on the Weather Line 269-558-0355 and website and facebook.
·         Weekends:  A cancellation notice will be placed on the Weather Line 269-558-0355 and website. 
Outdoor Facility Closures and Cancellations
·         Following severe weather or heavy rains, the Department may close or restrict the use of outdoor facilities.
·         As a safety precaution, all programs/activities must cease upon the first sound of thunder or sign of lightning.  Programs/activities may be resumed only after a 30 minute delay beyond the last sign of lightning or sound of thunder.
·         Hot weather restrictions – Coaches/parents may call the Recreation Department after 4:30 pm or check our website for restrictions on outdoor use due to hot weather.
·         Weekdays:  A cancellation notice will be placed on the Weather Line 269-558-0355 after 4:30 pm and be posted on the website.  In addition, if a current email is stored in the Department’s system an electronic notice will be sent after 4:30 pm for program/activity cancellations.
·         Weekends:  Whenever possible a cancellation notice will be placed on the Weather Line 269-558-0355 and website. Otherwise Umpires are responsible for determining if games are played. Once a game has been cancelled (by field), the remainder of those games on a given field are cancelled.